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ISE 2019: Bose Professional showcases new sound processors

Bose Pro launches sound processors as part of its Business Music Systems expansion, including new commercial sound processors and new additions to its ControlSpace EX line

As part of Bose Pro’s Business Music Systems expansion, the company has launched new sound processors, including CSP commercial sound processors and an expansion of his ControlSpace EX line, consisting of three new processors.


Bose Professional CSP-1248 and CSP-428 commercial sound processors are part of a comprehensive platform that includes loudspeakers, controls, and software to help installers deliver sound systems efficiently – without extensive DSP training.

These debut models in the new Bose Pro commercial sound processor line are designed to serve as standalone DSPs in applications such as retail stores and restaurants, or any other public place that requires sound processing and quality sound. An onboard CSP configuration utility and intuitive browser-based UI provide a quick-setup workflow. All levels, routing, thresholds, and priorities are displayed in real-time and common tasks are presented logically, making for faster configuration and installation.

Bose CSPs include balanced analogue I/O and mono-summed RCA inputs, as well as control inputs, control outputs, and a mute contact. A Bose AmpLink output on each model allows for a simplified digital audio connection to compatible power amplifiers. In addition to enabling configuration via Mac or PC, the rear-panel Ethernet port connects to optional ControlCenter zone controllers and the ControlSpace Remote app for deploying reliable end user control options.

Opti-source level management monitors the input level of up to four sources, maintaining a consistent volume level between them. SmartBass processing expands performance and response at any listening level and Opti-voice paging provides a smooth transition between music and page signals.

When combined with the Bose AVM-1 sense microphone (purchased separately), AutoVolume compensation continuously adapts zone output level based on the ambient noise of an active space. 


Bose Pro is expanding its ControlSpace EX range with two new processors optimised for conferencing rooms (EX-440C and EX-12AEC) and a high-powered general purpose digital signal processor (EX-1280).

ControlSpace EX-440C conferencing signal processor:

With an open-architecture all-in-one design, the ControlSpace EX-440C conferencing signal processor facilitates microphone integration and audio processing for small-to-medium standalone meeting rooms. Various inputs and outputs allow for flexible configuration: four mic/line analogue inputs, four analogue outputs, onboard VoIP and PSTN, USB, Bose AmpLink output, eight-channel acoustic echo cancelling (AEC), and 16 x 16 Dante connectivity.

ControlSpace EX-12AEC conferencing signal processor:

With twelve acoustic echo cancellers (AEC), 16 x 16 Dante connectivity, and flexible signal processing, the ControlSpace EX-12AEC conferencing signal processor provides a robust expansion of control options and capabilities tailored for conference rooms, using the ControlSpace EX-1280C processor. It is suitable for larger conference rooms, boardrooms and any space where Dante microphones are employed for conferencing.

ControlSpace EX-1280 digital signal processor:

The ControlSpace EX-1280 is designed for general-purpose audio processing applications, with 12 mic/line analogue inputs, eight analogue outputs, Bose AmpLink out, and 64 x 64 Dante connectivity. The EX-1280 digital signal processor is created for performance venues, places of worship, hospitality and resorts, and other spaces requiring intensive processing and scalability, offering increased functionality beyond the existing ControlSpace ESP engineered sound processor line.

ControlSpace Designer software simplifies the setup process for all three processors with intuitive drag-and-drop programming and conference-specific software tools that help reduce installation time and on-site errors.

These new models are compatible with Bose Pro’s line of Dante endpoints and end-user controllers, including wall-mount and mobile device control using ControlSpace Remote.