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Brighton library installs sound masking system to provide privacy in open-plan rooms

Brighton’s Jubilee Library is benefiting from sound masking technology to provide privacy and confidentiality for conference room users.

Kier Group Facilities Management, responsible for the management of the library for Brighton and Hove City Council, called in business solutions provider TwistedPair to provide the right kit for the environment.

Cambridge Sound Management’s Qt system from UK distributor Sound Directions was chosen by TwistedPair for demonstrating a “viable and affordable sound masking solution”.

Sound Directions business development manager Hanieh Motamedian commented: “The Qt series of sound masking solutions provide improved privacy, confidentiality and enhanced employee confidence in workplace solutions. We are able to demonstrate real day-to-day benefits of a carefully designed and installed solution.”

By introducing additional layers of sound to an environment, tuned to frequencies and amplitudes of human speech, Cambridge Sound Management’s sound masking solutions mask excessive speech noise, and allow environments to become more private and free of excessive distractions.

A Qt 600 three-zone sound masking system, connected to fifty-seven sound masking emitters across meeting rooms adjacent to public areas, was installed by TwistedPair earlier this year.

Installed over a number of days, including out-of-hours work to minimise disruption for the library, the sound masking system was commissioned on a subsequent visit by TwistedPair during operational hours, prior to handover of the system to Jubilee Library.

The sound masking emitters located in the meeting rooms at Jubilee Library disrupt sound waves (typically conversations) spilling out of the meeting rooms and in to public areas. The emitters also disrupt sound waves from adjacent meeting rooms improving confidentiality of conversations between rooms.

“The sound masking solution provided by TwistedPair is easy to operate and speech intelligibility outside of the rooms is markedly reduced once the system is in operation,” added Louise Millard, Jubilee Library’s commercial and conference manager.

Sound masking is becoming ever more relevant in the pro audio industry as an increasing number of large companies using open-plan workspaces try to overcome privacy challenges in the workplace.

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