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Brit Row “finds its partner” with Clair Global

Clair Global has a long-established history and is one of the most respected entertainment industry suppliers with several international operations

Following a strategic alliance which has been in place since the beginning of 2017, Britannia Row Productions, AKA Brit Row, has announced its acquisition by Clair Global, the world’s largest live production house.

“Both companies see this as the perfect way to expand and strengthen their worldwide client base, allowing them to offer consistent service in all major territories,” Britannia Row directors Bryan Grant (pictured) and Mike Lowe said in a statement.

Adds Troy Clair, president/CEO, Clair Global: “The synergies we’ve experienced with the entire Britannia Row team have been overwhelmingly positive. Culturally and professionally, we are on the same page. We are excited to bring this new level of global support to our clients and better serve their passions to advance this industry.”

In an interview with PSNEurope in February 2017, following the announcement of the strategic allience, Grant said his PA hire company – formed from the production needs of Pink Floyd in 1975 – had been looking for a partner in the USA since the late ’90s. “We got talking to Clair last year, and although they have their own preferred kit, and we are mainly [L-Acoustics] K1 and K2, we were more concerned about strong back-up [in both territories].

“Clair Bros – Troy, Shaun and Matt – they are just very easy people to deal with. And we seem to share a common philosophy. Clair’s Number One priority is looking after the client, as is ours. Some people don’t think like that; they think, ‘who’s gonna pay for that?’ There isn’t time for that [thinking]. If there’s a problem, you deal with it, and sort out it out afterwards. Is that old school? I don’t know. But it’s the mentality we have.”

Grant added that Clair UK – formerly Clair UK – moved their operation into the Twickenham-based Brit Row facility when its lease in Luton came to an end. “So [Clair UK’s] Andy Walker, Tim Boyle and their team moved in. It’s good fun, they’re nice people!”

In February, Grant also offered: “[Clair] are still the biggest and the best in terms of providing service, in the world! Clair are into the third generation, and their still going, they’re still the biggest. They’re getting something right! That’s really all it is.” But, he laughed, “I can say to you, with my hand on my heart, a cheque has not crossed my greasy palm!”