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Britain’s First Lady of musical theatre helped with HALO-C

Delta Sound supplied all the equipment

Affectionately known as Britain’s First Lady of musical theatre, Elaine Paige has just completed her sold-out Stripped Back UK tour. Fans were treated to an intimate experience with just a five-piece band and a microphone.

Delta Sound supplied all the audio equipment for the tour, including an EM Acoustics HALO-C system of up to 33 boxes, depending on the venue.

Stephen Hughes from Delta managed the equipment supply, but a main PA system wasn’t initially specified on the tour. However, it quickly became apparent that the house systems were inadequate.

“The rigging in many of the venues wasn’t suitable for a full PA so we mostly ended up ground-stacking the system with around five or six boxes per side and then a number of HALO-C elements as front fill and two DQ20 advanced system amplifiers to drive the system,” says Hughes. “Fortunately, HALO-C performs as well on the ground as it does in the air – I know that having the ground stacks certainly made the FoH engineer’s life easier.”

Matt Gush, the FoH engineer, adds: “On more than one occasion we walked into a venue with a house PA that we’d agreed to use, but I was able to rig the HALO-C to cover the entire venue and not patch into the house PA at all. Firstly, the results were considerably better than I could have achieved with the house PA, and secondly it gave me the consistency I’d been lacking across a variety of acoustic spaces and configurations.”