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British Grove Studios improves compatibility with Prism Sound interface cards

The London-based studio now has the most Prism Sound ADA-8XR converters in the world

London’s British Grove Studios has made a significant investment in Prism Sound’s new PT-HDX compatible interface cards.

The two-studio complex bought the cards to ensure that its Prism Sound ADA-8XR multichannel converters can connect to its six Pro Tools HDX systems.

The Chiswick-based studio now has 24 ADA-8XR converters – more than any other studio in the world.

Studio manager David Stewart says: “We originally chose Prism Sound’s flagship ADA-8XR converters because they sound great, which is an important consideration for [Grove Studios owner] Mark Knopfler and our commercial clients. They also operate at sampling rates of up to 192kHz, giving us even greater analogue performance than their ADA-8 predecessors.

“By future-proofing out facility in this way we can ensure that our clients have the best of both worlds – the workflow benefits of Pro Tools HDX and the exceptional audio quality go Prism Sound.”

Prism Sound sales and marketing director Graham Boswell says: “All of us at Prism Sound are very proud of our association with British Grove – an award- winning studio that is renowned for the incredible attention it pays to every tiny detail, whether technical or aesthetic. The fact that David and his team have invested in more than 20 HDX interface cards shows that Prism Sound conversion is important to them and will continue to be part of this facility’s long-term future.”