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AKG B 29 L

 What is it?A battery-operated phantom power unit designed for use with C 4 L versions of AKG’s MicroMic II Series microphones. DetailsDelivering 9V phantom power from a single 6F22 9V battery, the B 29 L provides two mini XLR inputs (In L and In R) to power one or two microphones. Two separate volume controls allow the level of each microphone to be adjusted independently to compensate for level differences. The unit features a mic/line selector – making it possible to match output level to the input to which the B 29 L is connected – plus a standard XLR output. An on/off switch is included to help preserve the life of the battery, which lasts approximatel 25 to 30 hours (for an alkaline cell). The rear panel includes a battery compartment and a metal clip for fixing the B 29 L to a belt.