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Focusrite presents new artist showcase via Facebook Live

The live broadcast to 151,000 Facebook followers will showcase upcoming music talent

Focusrite is launching a music showcase via Facebook Live, promoting musicians to its 151,000 Facebook followers.

The monthly Scarlett Sessions event will see an upcoming artist perform live on Facebook and answer questions about their music. Facebook Live sessions can also be streamed after the live broadcast.

At Focusrite, we’re passionate about making music and are always excited to find like minded people. So, we sought out our favorite social media stars and they will be performing for Focusrite’s followers and their fans.

The first Scarlett Session takes place on March 1 at 4pm, featuring 19-year-old pop singer Abigail Barlow, who first found her audience in 2015 through popular social media apps and YouNow. Since then she has amassed over 650,000 followers across all of her social media platforms and continues to grow with engaging original music and cover songs.

Read the full list of upcoming Scarlett Sessions here.