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Glensound GS-GC25

What is it?A compact ISDN reporter’s/commentator’s codec with built-in mixer. DetailsThe GS-GC25 is a highly portable unit offering advanced facilities in an extremely small package using ISDN technology. The three channels of the built-in mixer are switchable between mic and line and offer +12V phantom power. Each channel also has a gain control, large on/off pushbuttons and an LED to indicate it is active. The mixed output of the three channels are fed through a compressor/limiter and sent to the program line Codec. This output is also on a rear panel bantam jack and a seven-LED PPM is included to indicate mixer output level.
 A momentary talkback button – which also has a permanent on (lazy) switch – routes the third input of the mixer to the talkback line Codec. This is also available on a rear panel bantam jack and an LED is included to indicate when talkback is in use. Monitoring is provided from four sources, each with its own level control and each switchable to both (left and right) or either (left or right) channels of the headphone amplifier. The four sources are Talkback from the second Codec (or the rear panel bantam jack input); Cue – the return feed of the program line Codec; Ext – a local external input on a rear panel bantam jack; Mix – the output of the mixer. 
 Headphone outputs are available via three front-panel sockets while the record output combines the mixer output and the return programme cue line. For ISDN line dialling, answering and Codec set-up functions, a front panel keypad is provided. A 3-position toggle switch switches this keypad to control either the programme line, the talkback line or a safe function that prevents the keypad from being used accidentally. Each of the two G722/G711 Codecs includes a large green LED to show when the Codec lock is OK and also a large red LED to show when an ISDN line is open. The GSGC25 can be powered from two cells providing approximately four hours of battery life or an external PSU.