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Shure launches new long-handled microphone

It features the flexible Shure RPW interchangeable cartridge interface and XLR connectivity for easy connection to broadcast mixers and recorders

Shure has launched the VPH, a long-handled microphone for on-camera interviews and reporting that features the flexible Shure RPW interchangeable cartridge interface and XLR connectivity, for easy connection to broadcast mixers and recorders.

On-camera reporting changes drastically from situation to situation and the broadcast industry expressed a need for a cardioid microphone with a longer handle for live interviews in noisy environments.

With VPH, there is a wide variety of Shure wireless interchangeable capsules that offer different polar patterns and sonic characteristics to match situational needs. Polar patterns include cardioid, supercardioid, hypercardioid, and omnidirectional by way of PG58, SM58, SM86, SM87A, Beta58A, Beta87C, VP68, KSM8, and KSM9 cartridge options. External phantom power is necessary to power the VPH.

Stuart Moots, associate director, pro, commented: “At Shure, we are continually responding to the needs of the market, and the new VPH long-handled microphone is a perfect example of this process in action. Our customers asked us to bring the flexibility of interchangeable wireless capsules into a wired microphone product, making it simple to switch between different polar patterns or from dynamic to condenser.

“The broadcast market is of utmost importance to Shure, and we’re pleased to say capsules such as the KSM8 have proven exceptionally popular in this market thanks to its near-zero proximity effect. The long handle of the new VPH now brings the KSM8 capsule into a form factor that is suited to broadcast production.”