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BSI WaveCart 4.0

What is it?The latest version of BSI’s software cart machine for broadcast applications. DetailsIncorporating 24 HotKeys, WaveCart 4.0 displays up to ten on-screen ‘players’, each of which can be sent to a different sound card output. It offers support for the new 24-input USB Trigger Kit from BSI as well as older PCI, ISA and JoyStick inputs. Each deck has an elapsed and remaining timer plus an intro countdown and label offering information about the file being played including artist/description, title/advertiser and OutCue. Decks and HotKeys can be played manually using a touch-screen, keyboard buttons or mouse. Alternatively, it can be wired to button boxes or a mixing console using the optional BSI Trigger Kit.Stacks of up to ten decks and multiple sets of HotKeys can be quickly saved for instant recall and automatically sequenced (with overlap) or looped to provide a background sustaining service – especially when combined with multiple Virtual Carts. An audition/preview output function is available to listen to any audio prior to broadcast and a virtual cart feature allows multiple audio cuts to be stored in a single cart. Carts can also be randomised – for rotators or simple music automation – and saveable stacks are available for quick-load spot breaks or other regular sequences.Wavecart 4.0 provides up to ten on-screen decks – each with timers and digital labels -and offers GPI support for the new BSI USB-1024 Trigger Kit. It is compatible with multiple file forms – linear PCM .WAV, ADPCM, MPEG Layer 2, TMC, MP3 and BWF – and runs under Windows 2000 Pro SP4 or Windows XP Professional SP2.