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Case Kuehn nominated as president of Martin Audio North America

Kuehn comes to the role with a diverse range of experience, having worked in multiple management roles in the past

Martin Audio has appointed Case Kuehn as president of Martin Audio North America.

Martin Audio’s management buyout in June 2018 meant that the North American operation could take on additional local responsibility that had been handled by the previous company owners.

Martin Audio’s managing director, Dom Harter, elaborated: “With sales in the US booming, it became quickly apparent that we needed a structure in North America to support the growth plan. This structure was needed in order to allow the sales team, headed by Lee Stein, to focus upon sales and customer management. A president of North American operations has been brought in to manage the day to day business strategy and core operational functions. I’m delighted that Case has accepted the role, as he is both extremely capable and has a deep understanding of our company and philosophy, meaning our business can flourish in that region.

“Case has a very broad set of functional management experience from board of directors, general management, finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, purchasing and operations and he pursues business interests with an ethical principle that enables strong relationships to develop.”

Kuehn added: “I’m naturally delighted to be joining Martin Audio. I’ve seen the growth path over the last couple of years and the further lease of life that the management buyout has enabled for Dom and the rest of the team. It’s an exciting time and I can’t wait to get going!”