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Celestion NTR21-5010JD

Bass/sub-bass driver

What is it?
A 21″ bass/sub-bass driver, targeted at high-quality sound reinforcement and medium to large-scale touring applications.

The NTR family was designed using advanced FEA modelling techniques to achieve significant performance advantages. Offering 1600W power handling and 98dB sensitivity, the NTR21-5010JD incorporates a 5” copper, wet-wound, inside/outside voice coil for improved heat management. The driver has been designed with a double suspension and multi-roll surround to provide “exceptional linearity” at extremes of excursion and an enhanced power-to-weight ratio thanks to its efficient magnet and lightweight cast aluminium chassis. In addition, advanced heat management technologies, developed by Celestion, are said to minimise the impact of thermal compression and ensure low distortion, whatever the application.