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China’s Shenzhen Media Group refits with Bel Digital Audio

Shenzhen Media Group's recently-refurbished Shenzhen City studio has been equipped with two of Bel’s new BCR-A4-4OB in-rack monitors and two of their 7150 audio synchronisation delays.

Buckinghamshire-based Bel Digital Audio has supplied specialist broadcast monitors and digital delays to China’s Shenzhen Media Group (SMG) via Bel’s Chinese dealer Hiroshi Technologies in Hong Kong. SMG has just completed a refit of their 200sqm Shenzhen City studio.

The newly-completed studio will be used by the Shenzhen TV Company, one of SMG’s 12 TV stations. As part of the refit, Hiroshi Technologies supplied two of Bel’s new BCR-A4-4OB in-rack monitors and two of their 7150 audio synchronisation delays (pictured below).

The Bel BCR-A4-4OB is a two channel compact multi-input audio confidence monitor and has only recently become available as a non-custom product. Four pairs of balanced analogue audio inputs and four pairs of AES inputs can be monitored. The selected input signals are available via line outputs on the rear panel, as well as via magnetically screened speakers (designed to provide high SPL audio monitoring) and the front panel headphone jack; their levels are provided on two PPM LED bar graphs.

SMG also installed two of Bel’s 7150 two channel synchronisation delays for installation in the same control room. The Bel 7150 features both analogue and AES connectivity as standard and can delay stereo audio by up to 10.4 seconds [260 frames PAL, 312 frames NTSC]. Eight user-defined settings may be stored in memory and recalled locally or remotely via GPI’s.

The delay time may be changed in increments of samples, milliseconds, fields and frames. Field and frame values may be changed to reflect PAL or NTSC operation. A front panel lock is provided to prevent inadvertent operation and bypass relays engage in the event of power failure.