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Chris Hollebone announces new sales service

All EMEA territories will be covered by Chris Hollebone's new venture, Pro-Sales-Solutions, although the company will be offering a specialism in Russia and CIS territories.

All EMEA territories will be covered by Pro-Sales-Solutions, although the company will be offering a specialism in Russia and CIS territories. Established to help companies improve their sales results in specific markets or territories, the new venture is the brainchild of Chris Hollebone (pictured), whose 30 years of industry experience include stints leading EMEA operations for major names such as Sony Broadcast & Professional, Timeline, DTS, Harrison and – most recently – Euphonix.

The company will receive its official launch at IBC next week, but several “very well-known companies” are already said to have signed up for the service or to be in discussions.

Hollebone reflects: “Growth is not easy to achieve in most mature markets partly because of the financial insecurities but also because customers have already made the transition from analogue to digital and from SD to HD. Focusing on countries where these changes have only recently started and in economies that may not be so affected by the downturn makes perfect sense.

“Many companies are so pre-occupied with maintaining sales, they miss the chance to develop the more challenging but rewarding markets. Pro-Sales Solutions saves any increase in headcount where sales will not yet support that investment. Understanding these markets and having existing relationships avoids wasted time and costly mistakes.”

Invited by PSNE to consider the specific markets in which the greatest opportunities are likely to reside over the next few years, Hollebone responds: “Technically India is not in EMEA although some companies include it but I think the Indian market and the Middle East are showing distinct signs of growing rapidly. Russia is certainly an area to watch and is one where I feel I can help companies to avoid making mistakes. Russia tends to have influence in the region as well so there may be some hot spots developing there. Some of Eastern Europe could recover quite well but others are in some trouble so expectations need to be tailored to suit. Recently there have been signs that Northern Europe is going to improve but there are major challenges in the South. Clients I have been talking to have different problems in different areas so what I am finding is that there might be an initial interest in somewhere like Russia but we often end up with a much wider brief.”

Chris can be contacted at or +44 7785 237333. The website is under construction at and will go live in September.