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The Church Studios joins Spitfire Audio and Foundation FM to celebrate International Women’s Day

The event will take place on March 9 2019, with a contemporary string quartet piece will be recorded by Fiona Cruickshank, mixed by Marta Salogni and mastered by Katie Tavini

The Church Studios are hosting a unique event to celebrate and support International Women’s Day 2019 in a push for gender balance in sound engineering and music production, with the appropriate theme #balanceforbetter.

As is becoming more and more apparent, there is an evident gender disjunction in the music and audio industry. With this increased awareness is coming more and more action targeting the issue in an attempt to balance the gender gap. PSNEurope recently investigated the marginalisation of women in music after it was revealed that of the songs in the Billboard 100 List, only 17 per cent were female artists, and only 2.1 per cent were mastered by female producers.

Taking place on March 9 2019, a contemporary string quartet piece, scored by the in-house composer for Spitfire Audio, Homay Schmitz, will be recorded by Fiona Cruickshank (Mary Poppins Returns, Murder On The Orient Express, Wonder Woman) and mixed by 2018 Pro Sound Awards Studio Engineer winner Marta Salogni (Bjork, M.I.A., Frank Ocean) at The Church. From there it will be sent to be mastered by PSNEurope columnist and renowned engineer Katie Tavini at her studio in Brighton before the day finishes with a panel talk on ‘Being an Engineer and Producer in 2019’, hosted by Foundation FM at the end. The panel talk will also include a playback of the fully mastered track. The finished track will be officially released via Spitfire Audio’s recently launched SA Recordings on the March 29 to kick off their new ‘Singles’ series.

This event is aimed towards female and non-binary aspiring sound engineers, from audio and music students, studio runners and assistant engineers up to active engineers. The workshop is based around the recording on March 9, it will be fast-paced and people with a basic level of engineering knowledge will gain the most from them.

You can find more information and enter the ballot for tickets here.

Katie Tavini’s latest PSNEurope column can be found here, and we recently conducted a double interview between Marta Salogni and Lauren Deakin-Davies, which touched deeply on being a female engineer and the gender disparity in audio.