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Freestyle Events Services added to Clair Brothers production partners

Clair Brothers' production partners are made up of a group of companies around the globe that provide its loudspeaker systems

Clair Brothers has added central California’s Freestyle Event Services to its production partners, a global network of companies that provide Clair Brothers loudspeaker systems.

Freestyle invested in Clair Brothers after extensive research and a tour of its systems.

Mark Perry, partner at Freestyle, commented: “I was a little hesitant at first given Clair Brothers’ rich history and position in the marketplace. I didn’t think we could afford its products, but I stand corrected. When we ran the numbers this amazing system was priced well within our reach. In fact, not only did we not cut anything from our wish list, we actually added extra bumpers and racks to allow us to split the system up and it was still within budget. And since it’s the same hardware to fly or stack the tops and/or subs we have total flexibility.”

The decision was made to purchase 24 Clair Brothers C12 along with 12 iPS218 subwoofers. “On a technical level, this is the perfect system for our needs,” said Sorensen. “The C12s use of coaxial mid-high components symmetrically located between two 12-inch low-frequency speakers just makes so much sense to us. Everything from 300Hz and up is coming from the same point source and being guided by the same waveguide. It’s so good! In addition, the smaller C8 uses the same mid-high component so if we need to supplement our big rig with something smaller, we can still achieve the same sound character.

Once we decided on the C12, the iS218 sub was an obvious choice,” said Sorensen, “but then Paul told us about the iPal version, the iPS218. It’s the same enclosure so it still flies or stacks with the C12 but with upgraded 18’s and a customised Powersoft amplifier module that uses a pressure sensor inside the cabinet to know the specific movement of the transducers. It tightens the response, extends the LF and increases the output by over 3dB.”

“Clair Brothers for us is like two companies in one,” described Perry. “It looks at the market and design products that suit the needs of its customers like other manufacturers do. Clair’s history also includes being the biggest tour sound company in the world, so it knows internally what it takes to play at this level. When a regional production company like us decides to buy a top shelf PA it’s nice that we can partner with a company that doesn’t just have great design engineers, they have FOH engineers, monitor engineers, guys that pack trucks and guys that tech systems every night. Clair jams all that experience into their products.”