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Clear-Com mourns founding visionary Peter Giddings

Peter Giddings, alongside his wife Judy Giddings, was foundational in Clear-Com’s success and global growth, working with the company for over 40 years

Clear-Com has sadly announced the passing of Peter Giddings, a foundational member of the Clear-Com family. 

Giddings, always working closely with his wife Judy Giddings, played an integral part in Clear-Com’s direction and ongoing success during his tenure of over 40 years with the company. Before joining Clear-Com, Giddings and his wife were instrumental in introducing important European brands to the US marketplace, including Beyerdynamic, Revox and Studer.

In the early 1970s, whilst still representing Beyerdynamic – which provided headsets that worked with the Clear-Com intercom systems – Giddings came into contact with Clear-Com’s co-founder Bob Cohen. When they began to work for Clear-Com, Giddings and Judy introduced and expanded the brand in international markets, developing the company’s global presence and a strong international distributor network. This they implemented even in areas of the world that were difficult to do business in during the 1980s-1990s, such as China, India, and Latin America.

Giddings’ talent and understanding for live events-based communications were driven by a strong appreciation for professional audio engineering, as well as a personal passion for motorsports; he worked to develop communications solutions for professional race teams and built relationships in this demanding market segment that are still delivering results today. His work influenced Clear-Com’s early activities in the sports sector and was significant in developing the company’s ongoing involvement in high-profile global events such as the Olympic Games.

“The Clear-Com community mourns the passing of one of our founding visionaries who did so much to bring us to where we are today,” said Bob Boster, president, Clear-Com. “Not only did he open up many new markets, but we also recognise how important Peter and Judy were in the development of certain products within the Partyline portfolio, some of which have carried forward in subsequent developments to serve critical customer needs even to this day. Peter was one of a kind, and we will miss him immensely.”