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‘Martin Audio is our number one brand’: Rental company CLS upgrades its Martin Audio inventory with WPM

The sale to the company was handled by Audiosales, Martin Audio’s Italian distributor

Italian rental company CLS has added to its Martin Audio inventory, investing in a new Wavefront Precision Mini (WPM) PA rig.

The sale to the company was handled by Audiosales, Martin Audio’s Italian distributor.

Duccio Mitola, founder of CLS, began using Martin Audio seven years ago and when he started CLS Martin Audio was his first choice as he purchased a Blackline S15 and F10 rig (along with some EM series speakers). As the company expanded he upgraded to a W8LM Mini line array, which the WPM is now replacing.

Explaining the purchase, Mitola said that he had initially been looking to extend his stock of W8LM and approached Audiosales. To which they responded, ‘why do you want the old W8LM when there is now the new Wavefront Precision technology?’

Impressed by the WPM demo, Mitola sold his older system in favour of a 16-box WPM purchase, along with two SX218 subwoofers, which will reinforce his existing stock of six WS218X. At the same time, CLS added six LE100 stage monitors and some Blackline X.

“We wanted another compact solution and the WPM also sounded great,” said Mitola. “This will be perfect for the range of shows we do, such as rock, jazz, theatre. In fact, anything where good quality sound is required.

“Martin Audio is our number one brand. Although we also run cheaper systems it is the first choice every time.”

Mitola comments further: “WPM is light, it sounds extremely good and is the ideal system for our size. The IKONamplifiers allow many different options and make the set up simple and fun. With the same amplifier, you can power monitors, cabinets and sub.

“Compared to the competition, Martin Audio has managed to retain its magic and personality, which are present in both the products of yesterday and today. WPM is so versatile, and it delivers a precise and modern sound that is linked to the history of its manufacturer, and I really like that.”