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Coda Audio CoRAY4

Compact line array

What is it?A two-way line array column speaker based on CoRAY technology and designed for small to mid-sized applications. DetailsIn developing the compact, passive CoRAY4 system, Coda Audio has applied patented technology used within its larger, hi-end touring Line Array. CoRAY4 incorporates four 5” low-distortion drivers plus two 4” HF planar wave drivers. The enclosure offers selectable horizontal coverage of either 120° or 60° or asymmetrical 90° operation (either 60° + 30° or 30° + 60°) – allowing for precise coverage and reduced reflections for enhanced intelligibility. CoRAY4’s asymmetrical vertical coverage is designed to focus sound on the listener and reduce ceiling reflections. Two enclosures may be aligned ‘HF to HF’ (top to top) to create a consistent symmetrical vertical coverage of 24° without interference between the cabinets. The system comes in two versions: a touring/temporary installation model (CoRAY4) and a fixed installation version (CoRAY4i). Both are the same size and use the same technology, but each features a dedicated accessory format designed to suit its application area. CoRAY4 systems can only be used with the corresponding Coda Audio controllers – DNC260 or the new 4-channel C5 integrated amplifier, DSP and networking solution originally designed for fixed installation environments, but said to be equally suited to live sound applications. The enclosure can also be paired with optional G15-SUB or G18-SUB enclosures for enhanced low-frequency response.