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CODA Audio unveils new point source loudspeaker N-APS at InfoComm 2019

N-APS is the smaller version of CODA Audio's APS system

CODA Audio has launched its new compact two-way arrayable point source N-APS at this year’s InfoComm. 

Combining the versatility of a point source with the arrayability of a line array, CODA has asserted that N-APS delivers twice the power handling, as well as more low-end, than other comparable sized systems.

N-APS is the smaller version of CODA Audio’s APS system. Where APS addressed the limitations of traditional point source systems in small to medium sized venues, N-APS places new patented technology into a more compact enclosure. For smaller venues or corporate events where, for example, the geometry of a space might be considered to make coverage awkward, N-APS provides an unobtrusive solution.

The N-APS includes new patented technologies, such as N-APS RDC Driver (Ring Diaphragm curved-wave-driver), Dynamic Air Cooling (DAC) and Instafit Magnetic Coupler. CODA Audio’s RDC Driver has a 20°curved wavefront and allows multiple N-APS to perform as one unit without interference. DAC technology improves heat dispersion. In addition, N-APS allows the user to easily change its Instafit Magnetic Coupler (available in 60°, 90°, 120°or asymmetrical horizontal coverage) enabling the required dispersion characteristics to be achieved without the use of any tools. 

Complementing the launch of N-APS, CODA Audio has also introduced N-SUB, a compact 15” high-output subwoofer that reaches as low as 30Hz. Like N-APS, N-SUB benefits from DAC which allows it to reach high SPLs whilst staying cool. 

CODA Audio can be found at InfoComm at booth 7267 with demonstrations taking place in room W232C.