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CODA Audio unveils beta release of new 3D prediction software for its systems

The CODA System Optimiser will eventually be compatible with the entire CODA loudspeaker range, but is now available on selected key lines

CODA Audio has introduced a beta release to its new 3D prediction software for CODA systems in the installed and live event arenas.

The CODA System Optimiser, currently under continued development with the company’s R&D team, is now only available on selected lines but will eventually be compatible with the whole CODA loudspeaker range.

The CODA team sees the release as an important move in involving its customers directly in the development process, which is essential to the fine-tuning of the product and allows early hands-on experience. 

David Webster, global marketing director at CODA Audio International commented: “This is a ground-up development, so taking the long view, it’s very important to us that audio professionals out in the field are directly involved with the evolution of our 3D system optimisation software. A beta release gives us the opportunity to allow early engagement for CODA system-users operating in real-life environments.

“Our System Optimiser allows the pinpoint design of CODA systems from the smallest fixed install to the largest, most complex stadium production and does so with great ease, in incredible detail, delivering results in seconds, not minutes. The team is looking forward to working with our clients and taking account of their feedback during this development stage, before we roll the product out across the entire CODA range.