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CODA Audio provides sound for 10-week Milan Latin Festival

The system was provided by event technology provider Suono e Luci, the first Italian company to choose CODA Audio

CODA Audio, provided by event technology provider Suono e Luci, brought sound solutions to the Milan Latin Festival, a 10-week celebration of Latin American artists.

The festival is based on the external area of the Assago Forum in Milan for 66 days of celebration from mid-June to mid-August, to deliver a varied programme of concerts. Artists such as the king of Reggaeton, Daddy Yankee and fellow Puerto Rican, Ozuna, took to the stage for sold-out shows.

Claudio Saoncella, head of audio at Suono e Luci, opted for a ViRAY solution configured in Bi-Amp. The system was installed into the Festival’s 1500sqm outdoor area, which contained seating for more than 6,500. 

For the main PA Suono e Luci installed 15 x ViRAY (Bi-Amp) per side with three x ViRAY per side for delay. Front fill was delivered by four x HOPS8 and sidefill by six x TiRAY, two x TiLOW and two x SCV-F subs. Eight x SCP-F subs arrayed across the front of the stage completed the system. 

William Geroli, the official FOH engineer for the festival was delighted with the system: “It has a very good response across all frequencies and the Dual Diaphragm coaxial wave driver and coupler technology are great. They are extremely efficient and always guarantee great results with high output and increased power handling. The reliability, ultra-low distortion, fast optimised transient response, and coherent waveguide are great too.”

The engineers for musicians Ozuna and Daddy Yankee used the system as it was, with only minor EQ tweaks to satisfy personal taste. Whilst many of the visiting engineers were unfamiliar with CODA Audio, all declared that they were totally satisfied with the system.

Maurizio Mura, general manager of Suono e Luci gave enthusiastic appraisal: “I’ve always thought that the audio quality of CODA systems is simply phenomenal. I’ve used it in various situations and contexts in the last three years – we provide light and audio to the biggest Italian musical productions – and the results are always incredible. The ViRAY is a compact system, very easy to handle – including the speed of rigging. The coherent wavefront is great and solves many problems in challenging settings. At the Milan Latin Festival we are once again obtaining outstanding results. The concerts by Daddy Yankee and Ozuna were incredible, with exceptional power and sound quality from what is considered to be CODA’s medium-sized line array range.”