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Coldplay frontman Chris Martin backs shared parental leave for roadies and producers

With self employed parents currently missing out on this scheme, a trio of musicians have added their support to the Parental Pay Equality campaign

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has called for shared parental pay and leave to be extended to the self-employed to help those working in the music and audio industry.

Singer songwriter Laura Marling and Keane frontman Tom Chaplin have also shared support for Olga Fitzroy’s Parental Pay Equality campaign, backed by the Music Producer’s Guild, which aims to extend the pay and leave benefit entitled for new parents to freelancers.

Shared parental leave and pay is currently available for parents with a child aged one or under to share an allowance and time off work between them. However, this doesn’t apply for self-employed people. Therefore, self-employed mothers still get their maternity allowance and pay, but a self-employed father or same-sex couples wouldn’t be entitled to anything, shifting the responsibility of childcare to the mother.

Chris Martin told iNews: ““So many of our crew, both in the studio and on the road, are freelance, and we don’t want to lose half of that talent when they become parents – we want them to be able to to share their parenting in a way that works for them, and isn’t dictated by being a man or a woman.”

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