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Crown Audio: D Series retired, DCi delay clarified

After 37 years, Crown Audio is discontinuing its D Series power amplifiers. Meanwhile, at PSNEurope's request, the company clarifies why its DriveCore Install series amplifiers have only just been released now, some 12 months after the I-Tech touring amp series.

After 37 years of continuous production, Crown Audio is discontinuing its D Series power amplifiers.
“If any amplifier line should receive a lifetime achievement award, it’s the D Series,” said Gerald Stanley, director of research at Harman. “The Crown D Series has outlived most amplifier companies, let alone most amplifier families. “In 1977 we developed the D Series from the Crown SA20-20, a one-rack-space 20 watt per channel solid-state stereo power amp that was an accessory to the Crown tape recorders of the time. However, when mounted in a rack the tape recorders and their electronics left little room for accessories, which shaped the compact form factor of the D Series and the rack-mount-ability of Crown amplifiers ever after.” In related news, at PSNEurope’s request, Crown Audio has clarified why its DriveCore Install (DCi) series amplifier range (launched at ISE 2013) has only been released now, some 12 months after the I-Tech DriveCore touring amp series. “DriveCore is a phenomenally powerful technology that is unique to Harman and provides customers in an array of markets with unmatched power performance, efficiency and form factor,” said Crown director of engineering and marketing, Marc Kellom. “When we finalized the technology we developed a plan to roll it out in all of the markets that we serve including the install market but it would have been impossible to introduce into all markets at the same time. The decision to launch the DCi now and bring the power of DriveCore to bear on the install market was influenced by a number of variables – not least the strong market momentum of the CTS line. If you are going to retire a winner of this calibre with as much market share as CTS you had better be certain that every possible question is answered, every install scenario addressed and every test completed and every claim verified. DriveCore has proven itself superior with our I-Tech HD, Comtech and XLS line and at this timing we’re confident it will be disruptive, positive impact on the install sector with DCi.”