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Crown Audio XTi 2 Series

Processing power amps

What is it?A range of upgraded power amplifiers designed for portable PA applications and offering a suite of integrated speaker processing features. DetailsXTi amplifiers eliminate the need for external crossovers, limiters and EQ functions; the XTi 2 offers enhanced control through Crown’s PeakX Plus limiters – the design of which is derived from the I-Tech HD and XLS DriveCore Series amplifiers with variable threshold, attack and release times. A new and improved subharmonic synthesiser is said to offer more accurate control over which frequencies are targeted and can be tailored to a particular system or room setup. Advanced Thermal Control provides control over fan performance for specific applications; the XTi 2 also increases the number of presets a user can save and recall from 20 to 30. The range currently comprises four models – the XTi1002, XTi2002, XTi4002 and XTi6002 offering output powers of 700W, 1000W, 1600W and 3000W, respectively, into 2 ohms. The design also allows bridged mono operation for a maximum output power of 6000W on the XTi6002 model. Six parametric filters are available per channel for both input and output signals and the design also includes high-pass and low-pass crossover filtering with a choice of Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley curves. A new status section on the amplifier allows monitoring of power supply temperature and AC line voltage for easier troubleshooting. XTi 2 amplifiers are compatible with HiQnet and Band Manager software said to offer a function-driven interface which is ‘re-skinned’ to simplify system setup and management.