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Crystal Vision SYN102

 What is it?A video frame synchroniser, designed to eliminate timing problems in all serial digital installations. DetailsThe SYN102 may be used with sources without embedded audio and also as a cost-effective solution for embedded audio applications where the input and output frame rate are locked together. It offers remote or local output timing adjustment both horizontally and vertically, with a full two fields of adjustment, and with its short minimum delay time of 2us, can be used in all applications to replace a line synchroniser. The SYN102 has two operational modes: synchroniser and delay line. A remote freeze function can be used in either. In synchroniser mode it will automatically fix any incorrect frame rates (plus any delays) by taking its timing from the analogue reference. Delay line mode is said to be ideal if the frame rate is correct but the source has been passed through equipment such as a chroma keyer and therefore subject to delay. The fixed delay can be set between 2us and two fields. The serial digital output is said to have virtually no jitter – either when used as a synchroniser (with a stable analogue reference) or as a delay line without a reference. Unlike most synchronisers which are placed before a router to ensure all inputs have the same timing, the SYN102 can follow a router and have no disturbances on its video output. Designed to fit in standard frames, the 100mm x 266mm card can be used with three frame rear modules (RM02, RM18 and RM23) and provides up to four SDI outputs. It can be controlled from either the board edge, an active front panel on the frame, a remote control panel or the Statesman PC control system.