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D.A.S Audio Action Series

Live speaker range

What is it?A range of speakers for live applications – in both active and passive configurations. DetailsThe Action Series includes a dedicated 12” floor monitor – the Action M12 and powered Action M12A – as well as the Action 12 and powered Action 12A. These 2-way, compact models incorporate a 12” LF transducer and a 1” HF driver. The Action 12A and M12A are driven by integrated power amps capable of delivering 500W RMS. The Action M 12’s frequency response ranges from 63Hz – 20kHz, extending down 60Hz on the M12A. Action 12 and Action 12A models both cover a 50Hz to 20kHz range and along with the larger Action 15 and Action 15A models feature an asymmetric enclosure design to facilitate their use as both floor monitors or free-standing PA loudspeakers. The Action 15 and powered Action 15A models are 2-way designs housing 15” LF transducers coupled with 1” HF compression drivers. The Action 15 has a frequency response of 47Hz – 20kHz while the Action 15A extends from 45Hz – 20kHz with power provided by a built-in 500W RMS amp. For larger venues, the Action 215 and Action 215A models combine dual 15” drivers with 1.5” HF compression units offering a frequency response of 47Hz – 20kHz and 45Hz – 20kHz respectively. The Action range also includes the single 18” Action 18 and powered Action 18A subwoofers along with dual 18” models – the Action 218 and powered Action 218A.And another thing…The two-way amps used in the powered models incorporate an EQ boost/flat switch, level control, mic/line switch, a logo on-off switch plus 3 status LEDs for limit, signal present, and power on.