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DAS Audio Artec Series

Point source active and passive speakers

What is it?A range of second-generation speaker systems in both active and passive configurations covering a broad range of sound reinforcement applications.DetailsThe Artec series currently encompasses ten models and differs from the first-generation range through the inclusion of five powered designs: the Artec 506A, 526A, 508A, 510A and S15A subwoofer. Featuring Class-D, 720W (peak) power amplifiers in all models except the Artec S15A – which offers Class-D, 2kW (peak) power – the new Artec series relies on point source technology using birch ply enclosures designed for both portable and fixed sound reinforcement applications. The passive Artec models include the Artec 506, 526, 508, 510, and S15 subwoofer. The new series includes a wide range of transducer designs said to cover most sound reinforcement applications. The Artec 506/506A models combine a 6” LF transducer with a 1” HF compression driver while the Artec 526/526A uses two 6” LF transducers and a 1” HF compression driver. 8” drivers are used in the Artec 508/508A enclosures together with a 1” HF compression driver – all three designs offering an 80º x 80º HF horn dispersion pattern. The larger Artec 510 / 510A models feature 10” LF transducers coupled with a 1” HF compression driver and horn offering a 110º x 50º pattern while the S15A (powered) and S15 (passive) subwoofers both employ a single 15” LF drivers.And another thing…Artec series loudspeakers are designed for use with a wide range of accessories, including C-clamps for truss mounting, U-brackets for surface mount applications, rigging kits and facilities for pole mounting, etc.