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‘We’ve never heard sound like it’: Imogen Heap hits the road with d&b Soundscape

German company d&b teams up with Grammy award winning artist Imogen Heap for her current Mycelia world tour

Grammy award-winning artist and producer Imogen Heap has embarked on a world tour with d&b audiotechnik’s immersive Soundscape system, with Heap describing it as unlike anything she has heard before.

The Soundscape system is designed is to achieve natural imaging through source positioning.  

“Normally, in a typical gig setup, the sound would be dispersed across a stereo field in front of you,” said Heap. “It’s a bit like going to see technicolour for the first time after seeing black and white… Being able to move sound around the audience in 360 degrees, it feels like a whole other dimension. The sound on the tour is sound like we’ve never heard it before.”

The Soundscape system has been deployed by a number of concerts and events including the WOMAD Festival, Sting’s musical The Last Ship, and the acclaimed 3D tour by electro pioneers Kraftwerk

The Mycelia world tour’s first showing began in Stockholm, Sweden, September 3. The year-long tour travels to various European cities, such as Oslo, Prague, Copenhagen and Helsinki before going to the US.

The first d&b Soundscape technologies include a signal processor, the d&b DS100 Signal Engine, and two software modules, En-Scene and En-Space. En-Scene allows for up to sixty four sound objects to be placed across the performance space, while En-Space adds reverberation signatures to the acoustic environment. 

Ralf Zuleeg of d&b audiotechnik, said: “It’s about leaving behind the disconnection between what we hear and what we see. For audiences it will feel like diving into a complete different world.” 

You can read PSNEurope’s interview with Heap, in which she discusses studio techniques and working with the likes of Taylor Swift here.