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d&b brings an array of innovations to PL+S

The brand will feature at the show both the SL Series GSL and KSL Systems, the Soundscape, the B8/Bi8 SUB, and the ArrayCalc Exchange SketchUp plugin

d&b heads to this year’s Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt to feature both the SL Series – GSL and KSL Systems – and the d&b Soundscape, two innovations that are built to empower engineers with the tools to create the sound environments they need. To join in the fun, d&b will also bring new products and enabling technologies.

PL+S is a first for the B8-SUB/ Bi8-SUB. At a mere 170mm tall, is ideal fit for tight spaces, be they fixed installation or mobile production environments, reproducing frequencies from 43 Hz to 170 Hz.

Supporting system designers in mobile and fixed applications, the d&b ArrayCalc Exchange SketchUp plugin enables users to generate an ArrayCalc compatible venue file and load it into ArrayCalc. PL+S also provides a chance to learn more about the Milan protocol and DS20 audio network bridge, the first d&b Milan enabled product.

d&b’s Soundscape demonstrations will occur daily in the Panorama hall at Messe Forum. Visitors are invited to sessions covering an all-encompassing presentation touching on the concept, system design, the creative experience and application examples. There will also be some distinguished names from the world of creative audio in special presentations and Q+A sessions.

Dedicated workstations at the d&b booth will offer practical insight and guided discussion on d&b’s system integration solutions, the d&b Workflow, and DS family of signal drive and processing, including the DS100 Signal engine – the hardware behind the d&b Soundscape.