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d&b audiotechnik launches two new software-enabling technologies

The new technologies include CPL for the SL-Series and Temperature Humidity Control for loudspeaker arrays

d&b SL-Series KSL system

d&b audiotechnik has made two new software-enabling technologies available – CPL for the SL-Series (coupling), and Temperature Humidity Control (THC) real-time high-frequency compensation for loudspeaker arrays.

The CPL allows the SL-Series line arrays to be easily adjusted for specific venues. THC provides high-frequency compensation due to temp/humidity as part of the d&b ArrayProcessing software. With this, fluctuations in both temp/humidity can be addressed in real-time with the R1 Remote Control software, simplifying control and saving time.

“Visiting many SL-Series installation sites and working with the users and tech teams in the field, we realised that there was still room to improve the system workflow,” said Werner ‘Vier’ Bayer, d&b product management. “These two new enabling features will greatly improve daily workflows and elevate on-site system performance. I encourage all users to update their system software as soon as possible.”

With the existing d&b line array CPL (Coupling) function, which is used to shape the array frequency response for rooms as well as personal preference, the system’s frequency shelving function can prevent access to the full frequency range potential of the system, meaning that the SL-Series LF headroom below 100Hz is not fully available when CPL is engaged. The new CPL software allows SL-Series to shape LF and LoMid responses independently with individual controls for LOW and MID array response.

The new THC function within ArrayProcessing is accessed through d&b R1 remote software. It enables real-time adjustment for changing atmospheric conditions. The THC function works on any group of d&b arrays operating in ArrayProcessing mode and is ideal for any indoor or outdoor venue where temperature and humidity conditions may change multiple times throughout the event.

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