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dBTechnologies DVA T12

Powered line array

What is it?A line array system incorporating “state-of-the-art” neodymium speakers and high-performance digital amps. DetailsDescribed as a step up the “evolutionary ladder” from the DVA T4 line array system, the DVA T12’s active three-way design provides more power and has greater range, while remaining as easy to set up and install as its predecessor. The power supply, DSP-equipped input board, power amps, woofers, drivers and other components have been developed and tuned specifically for use in the DVA T12 system. The three Class-D digipro power amps (one for each signal path) deliver 710W to the 12” woofer and 350W each to the two 6.5” midrange drivers and three 1” HF units. Switched-mode power supplies featuring PFC are complemented by a secondary power supply feeding five microcontrollers and the DSP. A smart circuit controls the sequence in which the main power supplies of all DVA T12 units ramp up within an array, staggering the timing to keep the overall inrush current low.
 The DVA T12 drivers deliver a uniform 100° x 10° coverage pattern which may be adapted to suit the sound reinforcement application by varying the length of the array and adjusting the splay between individual components. The neodymium HF drivers feature 1.5” Mylar diaphragms and have been specially developed for use in line arrays where their size allows them to be deployed in very close proximity. The two 6.5” neodymium drivers are also placed close together to maximize coherent coupling and response in midrange frequencies, while the 12” neodymium woofer in a band-pass housing is used to cover the low-frequency range down to 60Hz to enable full-range applications. And another thing…A rain cover integrated into the rear panel protects circuitry and connections, allowing the DVA T12 to be deployed in virtually all conditions.