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DeeVu Studios hails arrival of Neve Genesys Black G16

A Neve Genesys Black G16 has been placed at the very heart of new Kent studio facility DeeVu Studios.

Primarily used for tracking vocals, the studio was custom-built around the Genesys Black console and was designed by revered acoustical engineer Howard Turner.

For DeeVu co-founder Lee Rose and resident producer and founder Kevin Energy, one of the most important functions of the facility was speed and ease of use.

“We really like the Recall functions of the desk,” said Rose. “It’s great to know that every session is backed up and saved so that we can open a mix at any point and make small adjustments after road testing different material in different environments and gaining feedback from different ears.”

“We also love the fact we can quickly reference a mix straight out the convertors to the speakers at the touch of a button which makes ABing reference tracks seamless. The routing functions of the desk are off the scale for what we need at the moment, but we know that the desk can handle whatever we extend to in the future.”

Energy added: “Mix wise, I can safely say the Genesys Black has made an instant impact on the quality of our mixes. Something inside that desk enables me to mix with clarity, precision and form a final sheen to my mixes, which I have been unable to achieve elsewhere. The tracking and quality of the vocal recordings we are getting is second to none. All the detail and air is coming through perfectly which makes big vocal productions a dream to orchestrate through the Genesys.”

The pair visited AMS Neve to discuss their options and, according to Rose, the console was the perfect match for their exacting requirements.

“The studio needed a DAW controller, quality mic pres, as well as an analogue summing solution and high end conversion. The Genesys Black has all of this and more.”