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DHE celebrates the sounds of Homelanz

Ipswich-based hire company DHE Professional deployed an Inspired Audio Optima 8 system and two of their new Allen & Heath GLD mixers for Homelanz, London’s celebration of the southern hemisphere.

Homelanz – London’s annual celebration of the southern hemisphere – took place in Boston Manor Park on 16 June, with Ipswich-based hire company DHE Professional supplying production needs, including a sound system from UK’s Inspired Audio, and two Allen & heath GLD mixers. Offsite noise in nearby residential areas was a problem at last year’s event, which DHE overcame using an Inspired Audio Optima 8 system. DHE’s Matt Suttle specified left and right drops of eight Optima 8 array modules with four B215 and four SB218 per side used in cardioid mode. Additionally, a pair of Axis AX15 cabinets was used for stage edge fills. The system was driven by four flex racks containing 12 eFlex Q5 system amplifiers networked under software control. “Given the weather experienced it was great that it was the sound, not the wind, that blew everybody away. The Optima 8 is so focused that targeting it is simple, while the throw from such a small cabinet is stunning. I am not certain what the lads at Inspired have done to make the cardioid arrays employed on both the bass and sub work so well, but it is devastatingly effective. We enjoyed a full roster of seriously impressed engineers, which for a diverse festival says it all,” commented Suttle. The festival also provided DHE with the chance to put two of their three new Allen & Heath GLD mixers to work, recently purchased to add to their hire stock inventory. In total the company purchased three GLD-80 mixers, with three AR2412 and three AR84 I/O expander units. “Ever since taking delivery of the GLDs, the whole team has been impressed with the versatility, reliability and functionality of the mixer for its size and price point. One of the features that receives particular praise from both our own and visiting engineers is the strip assign; its simplicity makes the most complicated of stage patches achievable in an instant, helping with fast and efficient band changeovers,” commented Suttle. “We have used our consoles on a variety of events from classical to hard metal and we love what they do and how they do it. GLD is a credit to all at A&H.”