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ISE 2019: Digico debuts new DMI options and KLANG integration

Innovations include the expansion of the DMI-AMM card onto SD-Range consoles, the A3232 DMI for S-Series and the integration of KLANG:Technologies into the SD-Range

Digico is launching a number of innovations at ISE 2019, including new DMI options, such as the expansion of the DMI-AMM (Automatic Mic Mixing) card onto DMI enabled SD-Range consoles, and the A3232 DMI for S-Series, and the beginning steps of integrating KLANG:Technologies immersive in-ear mixing into the SD-Range.

Digico will be presenting its new products and innovations at stand 7-K200 at ISE 2019.

The DMI-AMM allows up to 64 channels of automatic mic mixing on both Digico’s flagship SD7 Quantum and the SD12 console. There are two independent AMMs implemented by the DMI-AMM, known as AMM-A and AMM-B, with channels assigned to either A or B or neither. This means that two separate events can run simultaneously on the same console without one interfering with the other.

Designed in direct response to corporate customer requests, the DMI-AMM will benefit any production where complex vocal mic setups are in use. Insertable on any input channel, be it local or rack I/O, the DMI-AMM is can assist engineers with multiple spoken voices. It is seamlessly incorporated into the console’s user interface, allowing a continuous workflow that does not hinder the operation of the console.

The A3232 DMI card from the 4REA Range is now being incorporated into the S-Series consoles. This I/O expansion allows for the 4REA4 I/O to be directly connected to the S-Series, widening the I/O possibilities. As part of this upgrade, a newly launched S21-Stage48 and S31-Stage48 system are being offered with 48 Mic inputs from stage via three 168 Stage racks.

Last but not least, following the recent acquisition of KLANG:Technologies by Digico, the two companies are showcasing the first stage of their control integration of immersive in-ear mixing at ISE 2019. The bidirectional control of mixes and their immersive pan positioning will allow monitor engineers to provide fully immersive IEM feeds as part of their normal workflow. The complete integration will be shown at the Prolight+Sound show later this spring.

Austin Freshwater, general manager at Digico, commented: “ISE will be an important show for us this year with our further expansion of the DMI infrastructure and the ground breaking work with KLANG. Combine that with the updates on the 4REA4 range since its launch at the last ISE and we should have a busy show.”