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DiGiCo SD-Mini Rack

I/O rack module

What is it?A 4U I/O stage box unit designed to accept SD input and output cards – both analogue and digital. DetailsThe SD-Mini is the latest addition to the DiGiCo range of high sample-rate racks, complementing the SD, SD-Nano and D rack models. Digitally, SD-Mini can run up to 32 ins and outs; in analogue applications, a maximum of 32 ins or outs is possible – or any other combination in banks of eight (for example: 8-in and 24-out). The unit offers MADI connectivity as standard, with optical connections available as an option. When smaller racks need to be distributed around a stage or building, both the SD-Mini and DiGiCo’s second new model – the SD-Nano (offering two 1/O card slots) – are designed to provide flexible, affordable, digital I/O, controllable from the full range of DiGiCo consoles and larger SD and D racks. The SD-Mini rack offers slots for four hot-swappable I/O cards including AES/EBU, Dante, AES-42, ADAT, HD-SDI and Aviom. A total of 14 racks are possible on one optical loop, or 28 on a dual loop system for larger applications and extended stages. Coupled with the ability of any of the five consoles that can sit on one optical loop to be able to address all inputs and individually address output slots on any rack, this is said to provide engineers and system designers with the power and flexibility to handle complex applications.