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DirectOut announces MADI headphone amp

The company has introduced a new MADI-supporting product as industry momentum behind the open standard audio communications protocol continues to grow worldwide.

Introduced at IBC this weekend, the MA2CHBOX is a new MADI Headphone amp that offers a standard MADI port (coaxial or optical) and two ExpressCard ports for use with RME MADIface. Any stereo pair out of three MADI streams can be routed to the headphone output.

Serial data (RS-232) can be embedded into the MADI stream and de-embedded from the incoming signal, accessible through the built-in USB port.

DirectOut GmbH’s Claudio Becker-Foss tells PSN-e: “MADI has been around for more than two decades, mostly in expensive high-end systems. Only in recent years [has] its technology become affordable for smaller budgets. We have thus seen an increasing number of products with MADI interface, targeting new applications. D.O.TEC’s MA2CHBOX aims to fill a gap here, both for small mobile recording equipment or as a quick helper wherever flexible monitoring of a MADI signal is needed in a larger context.”

With increasing convergence taking place between live, install and broadcast applications, MADI appears to be undergoing something of a renaissance as a quick, easy and non-proprietary enabler of multi-channel audio distribution. SSL has just introduced two new MADI solutions, while Avid has launched an HD MADI interface for Pro Tools|HD – the second MADI-supporting solution from Avid in recent months. Lawo recently introduced Nova29 – a compact 16-port MADI router that can be used as a standalone unit or integrated with Lawo’s broadcast systems – while RME continues to enjoy success with its HDSPe MADIface digital audio interface.

For more on the apparent ‘second coming’ of MADI, see the September print issue of Pro Sound News Europe.