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DK Technologies MSD100C

What is it?A stereo loudness meter designed to implement current ITU recommendations for measuring audio programme loudness. DetailsThe MSD100C incorporates a backlit colour display offering accurate loudness measurement (in accordance with ITU-R BS.1770 and BS.1771), loudness matching of audio signals, left/right and summed display of loudness plus an audio vector oscilloscope and phase correlation meter display. It includes dual balanced analogue inputs and a digital AES-3 input, 25-pole D-Sub audio connector, RS-232 ‘utility’ input, 15-pin connector for an external VGA display plus a built-in mains power supply. The MSD100C loudness meter offers two main operating modes: Fast Mode for instantaneous monitoring of the loudness level and Integrating Mode for a single figure overall loudness. Fast Mode is used in production, post-production and presentation applications with the programme level set so that on typical dialogue, the meter displays 0 LU on average. To accurately measure loudness as a true average, the measuring time for the sum channel can be set as a sliding interval with a length up to nine seconds in one second steps. Integration Mode is used for quality control, mainly during programme ingest, programme emission and for analysis. The single number output from this mode is intended to provide clear and unambiguous information for loudness matching and gain setting. Integration Mode is also designed to make it easy to secure consistent loudness over different programmes and short sequences. A third mode – Gated Mode – is provided for monitoring loudness on audio material with long pauses.