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DK-Technologies PT0740M

What is it?An audio measurement system configurable for production, engineering and quality control in broadcast applications. DetailsAudio metering is provided by the PT0740M’s 6.5” display which includes clear colour indications of potential problems with phase issues between all points. Comprehensive loudness measurements and logging via the Ethernet port are possible and all current loudness measurement recommendations – including ITU and EBU R128 – are included in the software. An internal matrix allows the PT0740M to be placed at the heart of a monitor routing system, managing outputs to speakers and other devices. The matrix can handle up to four AES3 inputs, 16 analogue inputs and ten Dolby decoding inputs. The PT0740M can optionally be equipped with Dolby E decoding to allow extraction to the audio meters of all elements of a Dolby encoded signal. It also possible to have a separate remote client panel unit using DK-Technologies’ dedicated PT0700R or use of the Ethernet port, offering both control and a second display. Audio metering features include BLITS Ident Tones for 5.1, ITU loudness scales, LEQA and LEQM plus spectrum analysis (1/3rd Octave and FFT). The PT0740M can display simple audio bargraph metering with up to 16 bars on screen simultaneously. The channels displayed can be selected through the matrix built into the meter; the matrix is accessible via the PT0730M’s own controls or externally via PC. Audio can be de-embedded from all 16 paths on the HD/SD autosensing SDI input. The full audio metering option provides standard DK Audio Metering features such as Peak Programme Meter, Audio Matrix, Star-Fish, Jelly-Fish, goniometer (audio vectorscope), Phase Correlation Meter, 1/3rd Octave and FFT Spectrum Analysers.