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Double first for pro audio in Russia

Can Audient and Unity Audio hack it in Russian studios?

While the mention of Russia in the news headlines seems to be linked to one political allegation or another of late, here’s something a little more straightforward. Two recording studios in the country – SmartAudio and #thewritingroom – have each chalked up a first for ordering console and monitor technology, respectively.

In Kirov, some 900km east of Moscow, Artem Suntsov (top pic) has ordered the country’s first large-format ASP8024 Heritage console from Audient. “It’s the perfect combination of price and quality,” says Suntsov, co-owner and sound engineer of SmartAudio, due to open at the beginning of 2018.

He originally discovered Audient while on a trip to Nashville for an internship. “One of the sound engineers uses the original version of ASP8024 with 48 channels, patchbay and producer’s desk. I worked with the console over a month and really enjoyed it,” he says. “In particular, I’m happy with the transformers added to the master section and ‘bass expand in the compressor. There wasn’t any room for doubt after that.”

The desk was supplied by Russian distributor StudiTech.

On the monitor front, Robin Axford (right) has recently installed the Unity Audio Boulder/BABE main monitoring system into his Moscow-based studio. It’s the first system to be sold into the country.

Axford started his career as a music producer working out of London’s Soho Studios where he was able to produce and develop projects with artists and labels including The Streets, Kathy Brown, and Pixie Lott.

For the past six years, Axford has been based in Moscow where he is, to Unity Audio’s knowledge, the only established British music producer. In the past 18 months, every cinema trailer issued by the Russian Cinema Fund has been additionally sound designed and mixed in 5.1 by Robin.

This year he opened his own studio #thewritingroom in Moscow’s chic creative hub, Flacon Design Factory, and chose to base it around Unity’s flagship Boulder/BABE system.

“I had heard a lot of great things about the Boulder/BABE system but was blown away when I finally heard the system for the first time in the Moscow studio.
The depth and clarity in the mid-range is super-focused and each bass hit is like a thunderbolt – it’s so tight and accurate. After a couple of weeks of running them in, this clarity and depth has only improved.

“What I love the most is that I can run them at really low volume and still hear all the benefits,” he continues. “They can also be crazy loud and, when they are, they’re crazy clean and sound effortless – great for the client ‘wow’ factor!”