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‘We can bring a lot to the RCF Group’: DPA CEO Kalle Hvidt Nielsen on the firm’s shock acquisition

The DPA CEO has spoken to PSNEurope about what the deal means for the Danish microphone specialist.

DPA Microphones’ CEO Kalle Hvidt Nielsen has spoken to PSNEurope about the company’s acquisition by the Italian RCF Group, describing it as a “win-win” situation.

The surprise deal, which was announced yesterday (December 11), marks the latest in a string of high-profile acquisitions for RCF, having also acquired US loudspeaker giant EAW in September of this year. However, its unexpected move to take on one of the world’s most revered microphone brands represents a foray into relatively new territory for the rapidly expanding company.

Speaking to PSNEurope, Nielsen hailed the benefits of the acquisition for DPA. “There are many synergies between the two companies regarding technologies, market segments and geographical coverage,” he said. “Together we can offer our customers solutions that cover their needs across the entire audio chain – that is a win-win-win situation. In addition, having an owner familiar with the pro audio business makes it easier to discuss the business – the trends, opportunities and challenges – with a long-term goal in mind.”

Nielsen also confirmed that no staff will be affected and that DPA’s day-to-day activities will remain largely unchanged.

“In practical terms, it doesn’t mean that much [for the brand],” he added. “The brand will stay the same – the quality will stay the same, the sound will stay the same.

We are still a Danish business, with the same strategy, the same management, production in Asnæs, headquarters in Allerød, the same employees, the same distribution chain model and the same high-quality products that our customers know and love worldwide.”

As for what DPA can bring to the RCF Group roster, Nielsen was emphatic about the contribution it can make.

“We can bring a lot to the RCF group,” he stated. “A Scandinavian mindset, engineering expertise in high-precision microphone capsules and a worldwide leading position in high-end microphones systems, to name a few. We add professional solutions in the first (and most important, we believe) step of the audio chain to RCF Group’s repertoire of solutions.”

Our full interview with Nielsen on DPA’s new ownership will be available in the January edition of PSNEurope.