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Danish musician chooses DPA microphones for festival dates

Danish musician and producer Anders Trentemøller will take DPA microphones on 20 European festivals live dates this summer.

Sound engineer and FOH mixer Sune Snellman Jakobsen has specified a wide range of DPA microphones to help bring Trentemøller’s electronic rock sound to the live stage. These include the D:facto vocal microphone range and instrument mics from the D:vote range.

Jakobsen began using DPA microphones on acoustic instruments some years ago, but only recently tried them on drums when he was touring with the Danish band Mew.

“I was impressed by the way these microphones, particularly the tiny Dvote capsules, handled loud sound sources,” he said. “The mics we are using on drums give a true and natural reproduction of the source – a very transparent high end, fat low end and they have a clear and flat midrange, which allows me to tweak the tone and transients of the drums to our liking. They also easily handle the high levels and give good separation of the drums.”

Lars Peter Jensen is mixing in-ear monitors for the band. He said: “We can have a natural and clean sound in the monitor in-ear mixes, and tweak the channels to shape to our desired sound in the PA mix.”

Trentemøller is on tour with vocalist and guitarist Marie Fisker, guitarist Jeppe Brix, bass guitarist Jakob Falgren and drummer Jakob Hoyer. Both Trentemøller and Fisker are using d:facto Vocal Microphones on Jakobsen’s recommendation.

Jakobsen continued: “We play very loud electronic rock and the d·facto allows us to have the vocal right on top of the mix, clean and crisp. Marie is very happy with the d:facto because it captures her voice with a natural tone and its isolating characteristic allows her voice to be loud in her in-ear mix without much bleed from the stage and the room.”

Trentemøller now has recently completed a club tour to promote the album, which included 50 shows in the USA and most European cities.