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Filmmaker choses DPA Microphones to capture audio for Antarctica documentary

DPA Microphones tackled extreme weather conditions to record ‘incredible’ sound for a documentary about Antarctica.

Madrid-based production company Playground Estudio chose mics from DPA’s range for Antarctica, A Message From The Other Planet, a documentary showing what life is like in Antarctica.

For the documentary, the crew spent six weeks aboard the Spanish Navy’s scientific vessel, Hesperides. They also spent time on the continent itself as well as on several islands recording sounds from penguin colonies, whales, zodiacs, sea wolves, marine elephants and icebergs.

“The most important thing in a project like this is to be sure that your tools will respond in any condition without any worries,” said Nerio Gutierrez, co-owner of the company. “We faced extreme cold, extreme moisture and extreme winds, but our DPAs worked incredibly well and gave us the best sound we could possibly get from a place like Antarctica.

“One of the most amazing experiences we had was using our DPA mics to capture tiny snowflakes flying around with absolutely nothing else around. This was an incredible sound and there is no doubt that we were only able to catch that kind of detail thanks to our DPA microphones,” he added.

The crew used the D:dicate 4017B Shotgun, D:dicate 4011C Cardioid and D:screet 4061 Necklace Microphone models.

Gutierrez said he looks forward to using the mics again: “My DPA mics were a crucial part of this film and I don’t know what I would do without them. I can’t wait to pack my DPAs for my next adventure.”

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