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DPA Microphones capture sound for Oscar nominated short film

Sound recordist Malthe Bjørn Jensen used d:screet 4061 Miniature Microphones to record dialogue and ambience on the film Silent Night

Danish sound designer and film sound recordist Malthe Bjørn Jensen likes DPA’s d:screet 4061 Miniature Microphones so much that he wants to eat one… It’s true – he really is curious to see what sounds he might capture if he swallowed one of these tiny mics.

While recognising that it’s probably best not to try this for real, Jensen says: “I’ve always been really impressed by the big sound you get from these very small microphones. Their small size makes them very handy – I often use them on film sets to record sounds in places where a bigger microphone wouldn’t fit.”

Currently based between Berlin and Copenhagen, Jensen is mainly involved in film sound – both production and post. He also composes music for advertising and records voice over projects.

“There is a thriving short film scene in Denmark, with many of these films supported by the Danish Film Institute, Super 16 (a private alternative) and a few other smaller institutions,” he explains. “I’ve worked on various projects for the different institutions including one, Silent Night, that was directed by Aske Bang, produced by M&M Productions and nominated for a 2017 Oscar in the Short Film (Live Action) category.”

Jensen recorded location audio, sound effects and Foley for Silent Night before moving on to another short film that was shot on location in the Norwegian mountains over the winter.

“Because of all the snow and the remote location, I am hoping that it will be a very beautiful sounding and quiet film,” he says.