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DPA mics amplify ‘unconventional’ Chinese instruments at Singapore gig

Danish mic manufacturer DPA’s instrument microphones allowed musicians to ‘express their artistry’ during an outdoor gig in Singapore last month.

DPA’s Dvote microphones were used to amplify a combination of Western and Chinese instruments including a cello, a sheng [reed-based mouth organ] and a guzheng [plucked string instrument], all played by members of south-east Asian band the TENG Ensemble.

Audio engineer Steve Zhang said: “The impressive clarity of the Dvote Instrument Microphone was a major advantage – as was its flexibility. This minuscule gooseneck mic can be mounted conveniently on top of clips that come in various shapes and sizes.

“Even for an instrument as unconventional as the sheng, the Dvote 4099 manages to provide a solution that allows fluid on-stage movement of the musician, so that they are able to fully express their artistry.”

Entitled ‘Where the River Always Flows’, the outdoor performance took place at Singapore’s Fullerton Hotel’s East Garden Square, to celebrate Singapore’s heritage music.

Established in 2004, The TENG Ensemble is a collective of music educators, scholars and award-winning instrumentalists who create and develop projects in Chinese instrumental music.

The TENG Ensemble fuse traditional Singaporean music in a contemporary way, aiming to “spark interest in the history of south-east Asian music and its place in the modern world”.

Watch the video of the DPA mics in action here.