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DPA mics have ‘total package’ for New Kids On The Block 2017 tour

DPA’s microphones have given ’90s boy band New Kids On The Block ‘full and clear’ vocals on their 2017 tour.

Established FOH engineer Kevin Elson chose the mics for the band’s Total Package tour after using them on a Christina Aguilera show in 2016. This is the fifth New Kids’ tour he has mixed, having worked with the band since 2011.

Elson said: “I tried [the Dfacto 4018 vocal mic] on one of the guys for a solo performance, and he really liked it a lot, so I decided I wanted to mic the whole group for the Total Package Tour.”

Elson – who has also mixed for Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Carole King – used Dfacto 4018 mics for all of the New Kids’ vocals, and Dvote 4099 on the toms.

“On the vocal side, I found the Dfacto 4018’s are such solid, reliable mics,” adds Elson. “Instead of taking everything away to try to make them sound full, I ended up being able to add some air up top. This allowed me to work the microphones rather than the mics dictating what I did,” he continued.

The DPA mics ironed out previous issues Elson had with feedback when mixing for the band.

“When the guys were singing, you didn’t have all that ambient noise coming in. The rejection on them was really great and they still sounded solid when the guys backed off the microphones,” he continued.

“People out front heard full, clear vocals. The DPA mics are a great live concert mic.”