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Post Malone takes DPA d:facto on world tour

FOH Engineer Joe Hellow finds rich, warm sound on tour with the DPA’s d:facto 4018VL vocal mic

Best-selling rapper and singer Post Malone has taken DPA’s d:facto 4018VL vocal mic on tour with him, selected by his FOH engineer Joe Hellow.

Hellow’s collaboration with his sound team began with a rigorous brainstorming session and testing. “We built a signal chain that is strong on all fronts, truly bringing the studio to the stage,” Hellow said. “Pre-show efforts begin well before hitting the stage, track programming and pre-mixing album stems for live, playback design, as well as the vocal presets and tools to capture Post Malone’s sound. This process, with tools like DPA’s d:facto 4018VL, gives us the advantage and capability to rework the live show to sound authentic to the album. 

“Other microphone manufacturers say that they are studio quality but all you hear with them is crowd noise or a lot of proximity effect because competing capsules pick up way too much ambient sounds. With the d:facto 4018VL, you can have a loud stage with controllable crowd bleed. You can also add a Rupert Neve 5045 Primary Source Enhancer to have fully isolated studio sound.”

Hellow noted that in Post Malone’s case, there is a guitar on stage so the mic aptly isolates while also capturing the warmth and crispness of the high end. He also has more control over EQing and is able to take away frequencies.

“There’s no other mic like the d:facto 4018VL,” added Hellow. “I use this transducer to capture Post Malone’s dynamic, high-impact voice. When using the d:facto 4018VL, most of the artists I work with notice right away that they’re on something superior to what they have used previously.”