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DPA takes centre stage at Adelphi Theatre

DPA's d:screet 4060 Omnidirectional Miniature Microphones are providing amplification for the stage production of The Bodyguard.

DPA’s d:screet 4060 Omnidirectional Miniature Microphones are providing amplification for cast members of The Bodyguard stage musical, written by Alexander Dinelaris and based on the 1992 film starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.

The musical is playing at the Adelphi Theatre in London and features Beverley Knight playing the role of Rachel Marron, with former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke taking over from 2 June 2014.

The microphones were chosen because they can easily be hidden in the actor’s costumes.

Deputy head of sound for The Bodyguard Ania Klimowicz, explains: “We use paint, tape and make-up on the mics to make them look as invisible in the actors’ hair or wig as possible.”

“We mainly use ‘mic clips’ and occasionally elastic to fix the mics to the performer’s head. Male actors with shaved heads are probably our biggest challenge – in those cases we abandon the usual centre top of forehead fitting and fit the mic over the ear.”

There are 32 actors involved in the production of The Bodyguard, with 22 performing in each show. There is also a ten-piece band, a three-person sound crew and a backstage cast of 45. When it comes to sound, the show is operated by one person who live mixes the band and vocals, as well as firing the sound effects.

Klimowicz continues: “Some of the girls wear a headset, a head-mic and use a handheld microphone at various points during the show. Generally the sound for the spoken parts of the show is reinforced but remains naturalistic. This contrasts with numbers such as Queen of the Night or So Emotional, which are set during concerts and therefore need to feel big and more rock ‘n’ roll.”

“The DPA d:screet 4060 microphones sound great and are also very reliable. We rarely have an issue with them,” asserts Klimowicz. “Given the amount of wear and tear they face on a daily basis, they are incredibly rugged. They are also very small, which makes them much easier to hide in hair and wigs.”