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Drake opts for Sennheiser on ‘Assassination Vacation’ tour

The rapper invested in Sennheiser evolution wireless G4 in-ear monitors to use with his Digital 900 Series mics

Drake’s European tour, which started at Manchester Arena in March and included six dates at London’s O2, saw the Canadian rapper invest in Sennheiser evolution wireless G4 in-ear monitors to use along with the Digital 9000 Series microphones he had purchased in 2015.

Drake’s FOH engineer, Demetrius Moore, has been working with the artist since he first appeared on Lil Wayne’s I Am Music tour in 2009, whilst monitor engineer Sean Sturge joined the team in 2013. Both are well versed in the artist’s proclivities and have deployed Sennheiser equipment consistently throughout his career (“Apart from one time when we went to a popular TV show and the product they were using was from another manufacturer,” recalled Sturge. “Drake hated it, so we stick with Sennheiser.”)

“The quality of the Digital 9000 Series means that we know we will have a stable microphone throughout the whole show,” explained Moore. “We’ve never had any dropouts and we’ve never had to switch to the spare. Drake performs out in front of the PA a lot of the time and the 9000 Series can easily handle that. It’s tight pattern allows him to be heard at high quality all the time.”

“We’ve also recently added 12 channels of Sennheiser G4 on IEMs,” said Sturge. “I’ve found they make it very easy to reproduce the sound that Drake likes to hear. Being able to work at a very high SPL input and output is key. At this point, I don’t think there is an IEM on the market that can handle the high SPL the G4 belt packs can achieve.”

“Ensuring we help our customers get the very best out of Sennheiser products is an essential part of our service,” added Pierre Morant, head of artist relations at Sennheiser. “We are both delighted and honoured to have been supporting Drake and his team for the past decade.”