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Drawmer SP2120

Speaker protection system

What is it?A speaker protection system providing both strict level control and the security provided by key controlled operation.DetailsThe 1U, 2-channel SP2120 processor eliminates the possibility of ‘unauthorised’ excessive sound pressure levels damaging speaker systems and amplifier electronics as well as helping venues such as clubs, theatres, pubs, schools, universities etc. comply with local noise level legislation. The device is operated by inserting a key to ‘unlock’ the front panel and adjusting a preset VU meter preset until the peaks of the incoming audio illuminate the red endstop 0dB LEDs on the VU ladders. Max output level may then be adjusted until sound system volume reaches the maximum permitted SPL as specified by the installer or client. Removing the key prevents further adjustments being made.Intended to be inserted in the sound system immediately prior to the amplifier stage, the processor is said to cause no loss in sound quality even during heavy protection processing. Its signal path combines a mixture of ‘multiple time constant’ circuitry and automatic gain control to allow small overloads to sound louder – even though they’re not. And another thing…If the rear of the unit, along with the power amplifier, were reconnected in order to gain more level, the protection system would effectively be bypassed. For this reason Drawmer have designed a tamper-proof bracket which traps the XLR’s in place and makes it extremely difficult to disconnect them without removing the bracket.